Future Design Station

"Human Evolution necessitates Wellness Technology. We Design The State of the Future. "

The Intersection of Human Design, Technology Innovation, Wellness. Future Design serves as a self-catalyst for instrumental long term shifts.

Conscientious Designed Technology  ~ Technology Supported Conscientiousness

Automizing Human Digi Data

Our Product line includes Resilience tracking wearables (EchoiLace, iChain, iRing), hosted through libre source network, streaming real time relevant data via smart phone APPS and augmented virtually.

Adorn your body with our echolocation communication technology. It lights on - you become illuminated. Diamond shaped center responds to sensory output given off by wearers EEG patterns. The solar plexus is the core of your energy. Enliven your core connection with others. Our devices designed + powered exclusively for iLite clients.
Delicate Design

Psi Human Factors Research Agenda

The “Psi-Human Factors” Research team works on integrating the emotional / motivation engine in conversational agents via Human Machine Interaction. This team creates the dynamic models of emotional, attentional and motivational states of humans and artificial agents, for the use of tools to assess the behavior of people with purpose to encourage positive behavioral change and improve abilities of people in a variety of ways. We improve product applications, improve research, only to place power back in the hands of the people, as they hold smart phones. This is all done in integrity for the benefit of harnessing skills of benevolent human evolution.

Our efforts focused on Station Stability

The unique aspect about Future Design is the intentionality behind decades building our network, which stops not at foresight trained futurists, scientists, Thought Leaders, VCs, Government Leaders, Noble Prize Laureates, data driven metrics, Ai and iA experts, artists. The core of our network is built on integrity, transparency, clarity, and authenticity. A collective mission to improve the human design in support of Moving Humanity Forward. Our reputation is based on a solid network of genuine professionals, inventors and credible visionaries whom wholeheartedly focus on achievement ofinitiatives. 

Partners and Clients

Chinaaccelerator - IONS - SFSU - MOX - PolyU - Founder Institute - Standard Brand Hotels - Anahuac University - SV LATAM FUND - Inspiration Campaign - NewPathVR - General Assembly - Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics - Future Perfect Machine - AirB&B - X2.ai -  Stanford - Lucasfilm -  ilm - BINCA - Hanson Robotics - SingularityNET - Ben Gurion University, Negev Hi-Tech, Bengis Center, Google, The Rockefeller Foundation, Trilogy, UNESCO, WEF, AI Foundation, Global Wellness Summit, Lufthansa, AngelVest... 
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Mindfulness & Synaesthesia                                           2007-2009 
Mindfulness Applied to Decision Making                       2007-2009
Economic Value of Resilience                                                    2017
LovingAI  [IBM WATSON AI XPRIZE Team]    Paper      2017- 2019
Extending MicroPsi's Model of Motivation and Emotion
for Conversational Agents, AGI                     Paper                   2019
Conversational Agents comparison             Paper                   2019

Deep Stream (Initiative) Behavioral & Weather                       2019

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Future Design Station


We Build HDDI

We Build HDDI

Network Presence

International Integrity Principles

Resilience is Essential

Resilience is Essential
Jolina Ruckert, PhD, MA
Vijay Ram, PhD, MS, MBA
Florina Uzefovsky, PhD 
Collaborator and Advisor
Dr. Martin Hellman  + Dorothie Hellman
Golan Shahar, Ph.D
Research Partner and Advisor
Al Husein N. Madhany
Culture Advisor
Christine Batruch
Advisor Corporate Responsibility
Global Wellness Institute
Research Partner in Mental Wellness


Right Now

Who we are: Those who direct the design and concept of what needs to be built for a resilience new planet.
What we are dedicated to do: Integrity, Gracious Professionalism, benevolent technology. 

  • Silicon Valley San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Email futuredesignstation@gmail.com