What is most Essential for Human Evolution? Future Design Station quests to unite Wellness and Technology. If you choose, we invite you to follow our social journey. There you will find Liza Lichtinger's Wellness Talks... keynote at The Global Wellness Summit as initiative to help thousands of people shift their lifestyle with Resilience.  

"The results from the past three years of research are mind blowing. It humbles me to meet people like you who are interested in this message. That is why I have UpLeveled my empiric based 8 week program to help you harmonize key areas of your life by honing your focus, sharpening the mind with clarity and clear thinking practices, releasing emotions safely through Mindfulness based interventions, regenerating and enhancing the physical with Neurofeedback." - Liza Lichtinger, creator and designer of FDS8 - EPICC8 Program 

This program has helped people all over the world overcome limitations, unlock blockages, amplify their vitality, live the wholly expressed experience, whether their goals are in business endeavors, home and family, relationships, areas across the board. Ask yourself, what decision will you make? What kind of life will you envision for yourself? How will you lead those whom you come in contact with daily, yearly, and in your life? If you are ready to be supported in embracing your power, directing it at the next level of humanity, than this is for YOU! 

If you are currently considering what the answers are, you have landed in the right place.  It would be our honorable pleasure in inviting you to take this opportunity. 

To confirm your spot - go ahead now at this LINK. Colleagues and friends have the same focus interested? We will gift you a discount to join. If aligned to make this choice, reach out directly! 

  • Sign up via calendly link HERE EPICC8 FDS Program.
  • Payment can be made at the PayPal Link that shows up after confirming your spot via calendly.
  • Upon your confirmation we will send you link via email or text (your preference). This link is where our online program is hosted and can be accessed via smartphone or desktop. 
  • Our online program is simple! Mobile Micro-learning for all the busy people out there ;) Once you follow the above steps you'll receive immediate confirmation via email. Easy Peasy!    
The Micro-learning Mobile Platform has four stages of impact via tracking participants in EPICC-8
1. Reaction [relevant, engaging, favorable]
2. Learning [acquiring intended knowledge, confidence, and commitment based on participation]
3. Behavior [application of learned trainings when outside of the program]
4. Results    [targeted business and lifestyle outcomes occur as a result of the program]

"Human Evolution necessitates Resilience. We Design The State of the Future" - Future Design, October 2017  

              "The Future is Resilient" - World Economic Forum, Davos, 26 January 2018