Future Design Station

"Human Evolution necessitates Wellness Technology. We Design The State of the Future. "

The Intersection of Human Design, Innovation Technology, Wellness. Future Design serves as a self-catalyst for instrumental long term shifts.

Conscientious Designed Technology  ~ Technology Supported Conscientiousness
Shenzhen, Macao, Singapore
Keynotes and Panels
Applied AI Panel, Liza on Right
AGI Society Conference, Shenzhen    2019
Liza Lichtinger Keynotes GWS2019
Global Wellness Summit, Singapore  2019
Susie Ellis and Liza Lichtinger
Global Wellness Summit, Singapore  2019
SXSW and Lufthansa
Keynotes and Panels
Lufthansa Special Flight
Wellness In-Flights Talk
   March  12                                       2020
SXSW Presentation 
Wellness in Tech TALK LINK
   March 14                                         2020
   SXSW Lufthansa Presentation     Wellness AI Tech Assessment 
         March  14                         2020
   October 22-24                        2018
Half Moon Bay, Silicon Valley
Keynotes and Panels
Executive Exchange Panel

The Human Side of Building Teams
CCE                                                        2019
Executive Exchange Panel
L-R are: Misha Logvinov and Bernt Wahl (couch), Liza Lichtinger, Chris Salles (right)

CCE                                                       2019
Executive Exchange Panel

Live Stream
  CCE                                                      2019
Noble Laureate Gala and Masters of Abstraction
Invited VIP Hong Kong Guest
Vint Cerf and Liza Lichtinger

CCE Connected Enterprise    2018
L-R are: Soshan, Olga, Michael Levitt, Martin Hellman, Liza Lichtinger
Noble Laureate Gala                         2019
Portraits of Vint Cerf and Martin Hellman by Peter Badge  
Masters of Abstraction                   2019
In Forbes, Enterprisers Project, eWeek
In the News

Forbes                               November 2017
November                                            2019
October                                                2018
Liza's Podcast
The EPICC Champion
  Global Wellness Summit               2019
Mindful Technology Impact
Podcast                                            2020
  Conscious Leadership
    Podcast                                            2020
Bloomberg, StartUPScene, ReWORK 
In the News

Global Wellness Summit, Singapore  2019
Vested Summit, Egypt                 May 2018
AI in HealthCare Summit          June 2018
Robot Life, Entrepreneurism, Transformational Technology
October                                          2017
Entrepreneur Insights        (2017)         Singapore to Shape Tech  (2019)
February                            2017 - 2019
September                                  2019
Australia, CAANZ, and PS Social
Presentations and In the News  //  Australia Leadership in Government Awards™
Rick Ellis and Liza Lichtinger
Forbes Interview with Liza Lichtinger

Leadership in Government Social  Nov 16
Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki(far left), Chris Riddell, Natalie Francis, Liza Lichtinger, and MC Mark Pesce
Leadership Panel Talk          November 16
Natalie Francis, Liza L., Mark Pesce CAANZ Awards PS Social

Leadership Panel Talk          November 16
Silicon Valley Founder Institute, and Hong Kong 
Mentorship Presentations        2017 
SVFI - Summer 2017 - Vision and Ideas - Liza Lichtinger

SVFI - Summer              22 June 2017
SVFI - Summer 2017 - Vision and Ideas - Mentor Q & A

SVFI - Summer              22 June 2017
        HKTDC                         October 2017
Panels and Talks        2018
Liza.L (far left), Cameron Burgess, Gino Yu, Mark Nelson, and Denielle Emons
Changing Human Behaviors with Tech     
TU Berlin Campus, El Gouna 11 May 2018
Liza L., Salma El Hariry, De Kai, Mark Nelson, Laura Inamedinova, Carlos Saba. 
Vested Summit Speakers Dinner
Ancient Sands Resort Hotel  11 May 2018
The Role of Ethics in AI     
TU Berlin Campus, El Gouna 12 May 2018
Ben Gurion University and Moscow City
Presentations        2018
Liza Lichtinger Keynote

2nd International Symposium on Cyber Security Cryptography and Machine Learning (CSCML 2018)

Stewart Rogers, Alisa Chumachenko, Alexey Moiseenkov, Yuir Melnicek, and Liza Lichtinger
Start @19:40
2nd Future in the City, Moscow City
Liza Lichtinger on Humans and Machines

2nd Future in the City, Moscow City
Open Innovations
Panels 2018
15 October
Artificial Intelligence on the Edge of Superpowers Era
17 October
Brain Mapping Online
17 October
Germany, Hong Kong, San Francisco 
Conference, Presentation, and TV Series 
Liza L. with Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Munich Security Conference       Feb 2018
Gino Yu(far left) and Liza L. with Sophia and Hanson Robotics Team
 Mettā                                               2017
Interview with Liza by Allen Saakyan
    Simulation Series TV            March 2018
Notable Mention
Published Papers, Journals, Conferences
October                                                2014
Springer, AGI Journal

August                                                 2019
Seasonal                                     2014-2016
Notable Mention
Books acknowledgements
Renuka Sharma                                   2014

David Jay Brown 2016
David Jay Brown                         2015
Art Related Projects

August                                              2018

February                                        16, 2016 
Art Exhibit San Francisco: Project2048 at CELLspace[ArtPractical][New Times 2018]
August 11                                          2011
Audio Interviews
Healing Modalities, Virtual Worlds, Wellness in Singapore
Blogtalkradio Rockin' the Soul Show
September                                   24, 2012
August                                                   2016
October                                             2019

Interviews  TV 

Panel CCE2019



Panel with De Kai
Panel with De Kai


Panel Talk

Connected Enterprise

How to become EPICC

Leaving a Legacy

The Future of Humanity

Emerging Tech Panel

Mental Model Talk

Panel Talk

Panel Talk

Panel Talk

Money & Intuition

Cloud NEXT

Female Futurist

AI: When Machines Teach Us on Love


RE WORK Panelist

Changing Human Behaviors with Tech

Paul Daugherty,
Liza Lichtinger
Maribel Lopez

Can Ai be Conscious?

Guest of Hanson Robotics

Guest of Dr. Joon Yun

Future Flow

Video Interview Talk

Find your Coach

Liza Lichtinger - Emotions & Behavior

Century College University Lecture

Barton Leadership in Government Panel

Guest of Dr. Joon Yun



NeuroEconomic Advisor

Future of Human Design + Technology

Alumni Lecture 

Mindfulness Living

The Ecstasy of Embodiment

Women Whom Inspire
Executive Exchange: Human Side of Building Augmented Teams Of Human, Machines
Live Feed   Digital Transformation quotes Liza

Global Wellness Summit, Singapore Wellness and AI 
Bloomberg TicToc Press  |   Podcast Press 

AGI Conference in Shenzhen

The Role of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence
Future of Work in a World of Robotics & Advanced AI

Constellation's 9th Annual SuperNova Awards at CCE  on AI and Augmented Humanity

50th Anniversary ATP Association of Transpersonal Psychology Conference, Pacific Grove, CA. 

Brain Trust & Automation
Executive Exchange: Lessons Learned from AI Humanization Key to AI Projects Success

OMNI Athlete  

Unboxd Interview women in STEM

People Centered Digital, Internet Coalition

SERENDIPITY Silicon Valley Link1 Link2 

Super Girls Club, San Francisco, USA

Open Innovations, Moscow, RU, Artificial Intelligence - on the Edge of Superpowers Era

Open Innovations, Moscow, RU 

Brain Mapping & Uploading Mind Online

Open Innovations, Moscow, RU, 

Battle for talents. Attracting & retaining Human Capital in Digital Era

North California Members Group

Guest of Chief Executive

Ross Dawson's List Top Female Futurists

Future in the City, Moscow City Main Site 
English Version   / Russian Version @2:40

CSCML 2018, Ben Gurion University 

AI in Healthcare Summit Hong Kong

Vested Summit Berlin Campus, El Gouna

DisrupTV Episode #104    Full Blog Link

StartUP Scene Video + Written Interview 
StartUPScene Provoking Quotes 


Longevity Boom

Flow: The Futurist Experience, hosted by AltspaceVR

Women That Inspire: On Authenticity, Palo Alto, CA

The Guild Interview Event 

Simulation Interview
Simulation content Audiostream

University of Minnesota and DigiFabLab
White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce 

City News Australia Link 
Public Sector News Australia Link 

Longevity Crossroads

Influencer Series Roundtable in Menlo park
Influencer Series Santa Monica, Upfront Ventures 

Campus Party, H/F Guadalajara, Mexico. Group mentored and won the Million dollar Prize. 

LATAM FUND: Investors Summit, Presidio Offices

Gazeta Wyborcza Today Poland

NEXT GEN DATA / VR MEETUP, General Assembly

Sukcess Magazyn Poland

Palo Alto Weekly

Courage & Compassion with Liza Lichtinger
November 6, 2019

October 15-17, 2019

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November 6, 2019

April 13, 2019

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Audio Interviews
International Holistic Center [IHC] Interviews
September                                    2010
September                                    2010
Belief Systems & Effects on Psychobiology    
September                                    2012
Dubai and Egypt
Presentations        2017 / 2018
Liza L. and Veronica Murguia
Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai       Dec 19, 2018 
Liza L., Sophia, Veronica Murguia
Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai       Dec 19, 2018 
Liza Lichtinger Investment Workshop
SkaleUP Ventures Vested Summit       
TU Berlin Campus, El Gouna      May 2018