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Our Initiative and its guild bases their mission by placing interdisciplinary approaches for Wellbeing at the top of political agendas around the world. The campaigns to expand the definition of Wellness Technology so future funding can reach and gain success over the scope of the problem, and explores how modern technologies can progress outdated approaches to wellbeing.
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The Initiative

Strategists and scientists have Partnered together to design a system for the New Worlds Programs

Organizations and StartUPS

Corporate Strategy Initiative

For Marine Conservation

Research (Climate) Initiative

Public Health Sectors and Global Government Systems

Education in Leadership Initiative

 Deep Stream

Marine Conservation for the Great Barrier Reef is an Initiative of National Significance. Deep stream visual and emotional levers Goal is to have people understand the gravity of the environmental situation. The Great Barrier Reef is arguably - its competitor a fungus - the largest living thing on planet earth. The 2,300 kilometer ecosystem is best understood when pictures of it are shown to people. We have found that the psychological distance is reduced when Environmental Damage Reports include graphic images decrease psychological distance, an effective mechanism increasing engagement. Intend meaningful action on climate change by means of GeoEngineering imagine Science. 

The Intersection of Human Design, Innovation Technology, Wellness. Future Design serves as a self-catalyst for instrumental long term shifts. 
Strong Successful Leadership - Corporate Sponsorships - Invested Network and Community.

Conscientious Designed Technology  ~ Technology Supported Conscientiousness